The higher rank, the higher income in apps

the target and area
Overall – Top 10 & Top 25 & Top 50 & Top 100.
Subcategories – Top 10 & Top 25 & Top 50 & Top 100.
Area: Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf ” Upcoming collectible card game” iOS, Android Preview

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The higher rank, the higher income in apps
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Developed by: HeroCraft


Twitter: @40kspacewolf


A new game in the Warhammer 40,000® universe, Space Wolf, licenced by Games Workshop is now in full development by HeroCraft for iOS, Android and PC!


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf will blend the grim, dark Warhammer 40,000® universe, collectable cards and turn-based tactical combat and it will be free to play.



The game release is scheduled for 2014, for both Android, and iOS Devices.

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Gold Diggers: ” Endless Digging Game” iOS Review

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Gold Diggers

Developed by: Gamistry Games

Platforms: iOS Devices




You follow a team of notorious Gold Diggers and take control of one of the wild west’s best kept secrets: Gigantic Supercilious Steam-Punk Digging Trams. Your goal?…To find Gold!…and lots of it, as you steer your Digging Machine through multiple layers of the Earth, while dodging Giant Worms, Flame Pillars and other various dangers hidden beneath the depths of the Earth’s surface.

Gold Diggers
Graphics: 18-Pts
Gold Digger’s colorful, cartoony graphics are vibrant, and entertaining to look at in motion.  The environments look spectacular, as well as level elements such as enemies and other various on screen hazards. Everything is uniquely textured and nicely polished, complimenting the game’s Steam-Punk art style.

Gold Diggers

Sounds 17-Pts

Gold Diggers has upbeat and quirky western theme music, that is pleasant to listen to and compliments the frantic on screen action of the game. The…

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