how to go top 10

Hello, this is my experience,How to push a top 10 ranking in app store? 1. Analysis of current situation: 1) Media recommendation mechanism almost ceases to be effective: Game Medias have no idea on Players’ favorite; the reported games could not even rush into top rank but this ineffective report is still copied among Medias; there is too much risk for a new game to push ranking through game medias. 2) Marketing department is ineffective: marketing works slowly but in high cost. 2. An interview in some report: Q: How $96,000 can buy you a top 10 ranking in the U.S. app store? A: It turns out that those 80,000 downloads cost you $96,000 in the U.S. for a non-game app — an average price of $1.20 per download. That’s actually cheaper than it would be if you had to buy them all, due to “organic uplift” that helps you generate more downloads as people start using your app, and tweeting, sharing, and talking about your app. It’s cheaper for games. While non-game apps have a 65 percent uplift, game apps get a full 100 percent organic boost, according to TradeMob. That means that for every game app you pay, incentivize, or advertise to get a download, another one happens “for free.” So those 80,000 installs cost you only an average price of $0.70, for a total of $56,000. Other countries are cheaper, of course. The UK requires only 26,000 installs to hit the top charts; Germany, 15,000, and Spain, a mere 7,000. But, of course, the financial benefit of having a top 10 app in those countries is significantly less as well. :cool Skype:nancy_app


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